Lock Up contestant Munawwar Farooqui reveals I have wife and son too

 Lock Up contestant Munawwar Farooqui reveals I have wife and son too

In the recent episode of Lock Upp, Munawar Faruqui revealed that he has been married and has a son. The comedian also mentioned that he has been living separately from his wife and son for over a year now.

In the latest episode of Lock Upp, the show's host revealed that comedian Munawar Faruqui is married and has a child. When a picture of Munawar with a woman and a child was shown to the contestants, they wondered if the lady was Munawar's sister. However, it was later revealed that the lady was Munawar's wife and the child was his son. When the host of Lock Upp asked Munawar if he wanted to elaborate on the photo, he refrained from talking about it.


Initially, Munawar refused to comment on the photo by saying, "I don't want to talk about this. Not on social media, not on a platform like Lock Upp. This is not something I want to talk about." But he later admitted that he has been living separately for over a year now from his wife and child.

Kangana then said that young girls are often charmed by married men, perhaps because they come across as more understanding. She also said that they portray a picture of helplessness and claim to be stuck with the wife, while the real story may be completely opposite.

Kangana also told Munawar that he had the choice to speak or stay quiet, but added that he could use the opportunity to explain his side of the story and come clean.

Photograph of Faruqui with wife and son showed to contestants

During the show, host Kangana Ranaut told Faruqui that some photographs were being circulated on social media and wanted to know he was comfortable talking about it. Then a screenshot of a post (blurred on television) was shown to the contestants where Faruqui was sitting with a woman and a kid. The image was posted by a social media influencer Chetana on her Instagram account. The same post was shared on the show.

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